Oregon Eclipse August 2017

17 Aug 2017 until 21 Aug 2017

Oregon Eclipse Festival
Big Summit Prairie
Crook County, Oregon


Symbiosis · Eclipse viewing Festival

Oregon Eclipse 2017

At Big Summit Prairie, Crook County, OR

(whole event lasting from Thu Aug 17 – Wed Aug 23)

Caroline co·mc·ing and presenting

w/ Amikaeyla Gaston 

 August 17 – 21st

About the Solar Eclipse

Tickets and more information about Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017


  1. Kàthleen Batson says:

    I am in need of tickets for this event as it is my birthday the eclipse is directly on my nàtal sun having trouble entering lottery online can do the $420 amount or more if that is what it takes may cooperators be standing by
    Let me know if you can help can send money. Thank you

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