Radio Show Raves

The healing words that come from you each week on KPFA [The Visionary Activist Show] are some of the most important things we hear each week.  May they spread further and further….I try to plant the seeds I learn from you…..

thank you!

Dear Caroline

Yesterday's Visionary Activist Show on KPFA was one of your all time greatest. It was really a feat of positivity blended wisdom and I wanted to thank you for it. It stayed with me the rest of the day and is still here today. Great use of those songstress classics, too!

Many blessings to you.

Michael B

Enjoyed the show today. Pat Ewing is clear & inspiring. Loved her observations on Hillary's journey as a public figure. And of course Caroline's mythic news;


Listen every Thursday from the east bay in Ca.

Nina L

your words are moving heart/minds around this globe regardless of where your body resides.

Anna C

your streaming mercury was received wordlessly in all cells as my mind kept up with the wave of you and your messaging.
totally entranced,
and uplifted.
thank you
on so many levels.

barbara h SF