Daniel Giamario

Full Moon Visionary Activist Show (1.12.17)

Caroline welcomes back Daniel Giamario on the pre-Inaugural astro*mytho guiding meta-narrative of now...all planets in direct motion, Venus (exalted, conjoining Neptune) with Mars together in the evening sky... Jupiter/Uranus - wild story storm maelstrom... and much more! Listen Here: 20170112-thu1400   … [Read more...]

Caroline Welcomes Back Daniel Giamario

In our Halloween pre-scariest election ever show, Caroline welcomes fellow astro*mytho*cultural change ally, Daniel Giamario, (waking up pre-dawn in Philippines, may Trickster make it so!) that we may inaugurate the guiding story of  humans re-joining the Choreography of Creation…pouring over the charts of candidates, election, inauguration for any … [Read more...]

High John Eve Solstice Syncretizing

Listen or Download Here: 20160623-Thu1400 Caroline re-plays some of last week’s kerfuffled broadcast with fellow astro*mytho*colleague Daniel Giamario, and delineates the guiding sky-earth story of this potent seasonal launch…this eve, when High John the Conqueror, the Trickster Redeemer of the South, and Marie Laveau, the great Voodoo … [Read more...]

Shamanic Astrology

Yip-Yip-Full-On unabashed astro*mytho*politico* woof*rollicking rousing purview of 2016, as intrinsically entheogenic, with colleague Daniel Giamario. The dance of Mars and Venus, election, Inauguration Augury - and more! shamanicastrology.com Visionary Activist Radio Show 01-21-16 … [Read more...]

Venus Initiates Mars

Caroline welcomes the return of fellow astro-mytho guide, Daniel Giamario, reporting on Mars in the Underworld, and its navigational strategic guidance to us all. As the world is being destroyed by hyper-yang-death-frenzy uninitiated  Mars, so it is redeemed by Venus: acts of Dedicated Beauty, guiding Mars to the true heroism of … [Read more...]